Kick start your passion! Sponsorship assistance to developmentally disabled  individuals. Make a request and let your dream come true.

Activity Ideas


Community Activities

Denver and the surrounding community has an endless supply of opportunities to offer.  Sponsorships are available for any activity that promotes community connection in a positive and healthy manner.  Some of our ideas include, Lions Camp, Easter Seals, National Sports

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Lets face it, we all need to get away from time to time.  Perhaps you need to travel to visit family or friends, or to visit a location you have always dreamed of seeing.  Maybe you’ve never seen the ocean,

Adaptive Equipment


We want to help provide the equipment you need to keep your gears turning!  Xcelbeyond offers funds for acquiring equipment needed for a wide variety of recreational activities.  We have been fortunate to receive excellent service and equipment from Sports

About Us

Based in Denver, Colorado, XcelBeyond is an organization that provides financial assistance to developmentally disabled individuals for activities they otherwise could not afford. Our sponsorship might fund the cost of tickets to a concert or football game, expensive sports equipment or a Rocky Mountain wilderness adventure. We even provide sponsorship for weekly lessons in music, art, dance and sports. As long as its fun and you live in the greater Denver Metro area, the kinds of adventures we sponsor and the types of activities we fund are limited only by your dreams and imagination!

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